“My painting ‘Steeled’ is about the isolation you feel while being cast as the other. My model and I had a conversation about some specific incidents in our lives that made us feel that when it happened again, next time we would be more prepared, steel ourselves to the situation. The overall grayness of the palette, the turbulent sky, the jagged rock outcropping as well as the cocoon-like pose wrapped up in a shawl are intended to contribute to this feeling.”

Judith Peck is a Washington, DC-area allegorical figurative artist who has made it her life’s work to paint about current issues and healing, using a variety of methods and experimental techniques to achieve a diverse range of visual and tactile results that validate a strong narrative.

Judith’s paintings have been featured in magazines like American Art Collector, Poets /Artists, The Artist’s Magazine, iARTisas, Combustus, and the books Tradition and Transformation and The Ashen Rainbow by Ori Z. Soltes, as well as The Kress Project published by the Georgia Museum of Art.