Partners In Harmony

Believe Out Loud

GMCW is proud to support Believe Out Loud. Believe Out Loud was created in 2008 to encourage Christian clergy to voice their affirmation for LGBTQ+ people. As a program of Intersections International – a non-profit organization and the global social justice ministry of the Collegiate Church of New York, Believe Out Loud has grown into a community of thousands of LGBTQ+ people of faith and allies who together create space – literally and spiritually – for all of us to live full, authentic and free lives like we believe all humans should be able to. To learn more, visit their website at

Partners In Harmony

The GMCW mission to champion equality includes honoring and promoting others whose mission enhances and complements our own. In a world where religious leaders and their organizations have too often embodied the oppression and rejection that many of us have suffered, we rejoice to notice the growing number of synagogues, congregations, churches, and other faith-based organizations that welcome, enfold, and celebrate LGBTQ+ persons.

Sometimes at great risk to the respect and support of their own traditions, sometimes in prophetic roles in their communities, sometimes as quietly and naturally as living out their core values, these groups are a rich source of meaning, community, service and worship for many of our singers and audience members.

We proudly list them here as our PARTNERS IN HARMONY. We recommend them to any who are looking for a faith-based community to call home.

To be included in future editions of this list, please contact C. Paul Heins, associate conductor, at or contact the Chorus office at 202.293.1548.