“As the United States continues to struggle where underrepresented communities fit within a queerphobic and a racist country, we must never forget our history as we continue to push forward. Collectively, our struggles empower us to create a better tomorrow that is filled with equality, equity, and inclusion. These images are a testament to the past and present as we find voice and bring sweeping systemic changes to an ever-changing world.”

As a gay artist and educator whose mixed media and fiber pieces integrate hand- and machine-constructed processes, Gregory encourages viewers to reflect on social justice and think about their own privilege and how they might affect change.

Raised in a multi-ethnic, multinational family, Gregory faced adversity throughout his life that shaped his development, social activism, and education. While working at the Smithsonian Institution’s Museum of American Art, he was empowered to use his artistic voice to create opportunities for dialogue and to address modern day concerns.