“The subject of the piece is a reflection of a fragment of myself – the piece of the puzzle that does not always fit, but surely belongs. As a biracial first generation American, I often question my own cultural identity, contemplating the inconsistency between how I see myself versus the reality of how I am seen. ‘Shard’ represents a fraction of who I am within the vast continuum of what it means to be American.”

Céline Chu Gauchey is a French-Chinese artist specializing in acrylic portraits. As a biracial first generation American, her portraits capture the intricate duality of a human’s sense of self. Each piece represents the dichotomous relationship every person has between what they want to be and who they really are.

Céline is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, and based in New York City. Céline is also a photographer, with a primary focus on landscapes. She graduated from Barnard College of Columbia University with degrees in Economics and Psychology, and currently works as a software engineer.