Jessi Brown-White is an interdisciplinary artist, certified Reiki master, and teacher who specializes in using creative practices as transformational healing tools. She supports creatives and professionals facing challenging transitions – particularly those forced to reimagine their lives due to Long COVID, ME/CFS, and other chronic “mystery” illnesses. Jessi is the creator of The Body/Image/Object (BIO) Project for women – a creative healing initiative for autobiographical storytelling. Jessi is also co-founder of Dreamscapes Healing Arts, a collaborative virtual community of conscious, compassionate women taking healing into their own hands, literally. 

Jessi has a BA in Theater Performance from James Madison University and more than 25 years of experience in the visual and performing arts with extensive training in both the US and internationally. Her most rewarding public work as a Sing for Hope Piano Artist and Teacher brought hope, healing, and connection to millions of people on the streets and community spaces of New York City. A specialist in personal and collective transformation through creative self-expression, she is a vital resource for finding (and maintaining) inspiration and energy for initiating new ideas, exploring materials and processes, and learning how to shift perspectives on persistent problems. 

Jessi is currently wandering the US creating opportunities for art and healing everywhere she roams.