Painting: Man with Tattoo, Havana

Ismael Huerta, 28 years old, is from Villa Alemana. His first steps in music were at school, with Andes folk music. As he wasn’t born into a family of musicians, he never thought of the possibility of dedicating his life to music, that is why, after finishing high school he started studies of engineering at Universidad de Valparaiso. Four years later, after the death of his father, he decided, against all odds, to dedicate 100% to his passion, music. 

Eager to learn, he decided to study musical composition at Universidad de Chile, beginning his studies in the year 2017. Nowadays, he is attending his seventh year of studying with teacher Pablo Délano, as a master composer.

Ismael considers himself a cinema lover, and also, a fan of folk music. In his compositions, he accentuates melodies and harmonies, trying always to conceal music from the past and present. Up to the present, Ismael has won six awards, Chilean and foreign, and his dream for his future is to be able to study film music or composition abroad.