MD Theatre Guide rave review for The Holiday Show

Washington, DC – The Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC closes out 2019 with another show-stopping edition of The Holiday Show.

Critic Liz Ruth-Brinegar from MD Theatre Guide was there on opening night and gave the show a rave review saying The Holiday Show “is an exemplary display of the top-notch skill and artistry.”

Ms. Ruth-Brinegar also writes “It is evident that the chorus has worked hard to not only regroup but to push themselves harder than ever before with this year’s tightly packaged and crisply executed Holiday Show, and the ongoing raucous cheers from the audience after many numbers were evidence of the success of their efforts.”

She also writes, “The first and best detail that I noticed was how cohesive the concert was. From beginning to end, each number flowed into the next and complemented one another in musical styles. Rather than a jumble of random musical styles and selections, the chorus clearly approached this year’s concert as a team effort, with every smaller ensemble’s pieces fitting into the larger whole of the overall experience.”

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