Rave review for The Holiday Show

December 12, 2017

MD Theatre Guide says The Holiday Show is “not to be missed”

Critic Liz Ruth-Brinegar from MD Theatre Guide gave a rave review for the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, DC’s 2017 holiday concert, titled The Holiday Show. “If you’ve never seen the GMCW in concert before, I have great confidence that once you’ve seen ‘The Holiday Show’ you’ll spend every December from now on counting down the days not ’til Christmas but ’til the annual concert.”

Ms. Ruth-Brinegar goes on to say “GMCW and their ensemble 17th Street Dance delighted me with their fully costumed rendition of ‘Nutcracker Jingles’ which was a mini performance of the Nutcracker ballet and let me say, the ballerinas had some fine technique! From the dancing snowflakes to the Cossack dance to a Sugar Plum pas de deux (with a lift!) to the waltz of the flowers, I was loving every second. Can I pitch for 17th Street Dance to put on a full-length ballet next season?”

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