Moving the Needle

May 24, 2017 by Thea Kano

Less than one week after the National Equality March for Pride and Unity, 100 members of GMCW and our staff will board buses and head out on our first Southern Equality Tour. In the four days we are on the road we’ll travel through six states (North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and Virginia), singing at churches and LGBTQ Centers along the way.

Among our many tour venues, we will sing at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Church, a congregation still reeling from a shooting there several years ago when a man opened fire because of the church’s social liberalism. In Birmingham, Alabama, the Steel City Men’s Chorus will join us at the UUC Birmingham, which has a deep Civil Rights struggle connection—its congregation was deeply involved in and effected by the Civil Rights movement, and they continue to be social justice leaders. We will collaborate with the Midlands Men’s Chorus at Reformation Lutheran Church in Columbia, South Carolina to benefit the Harriet Hancock LGBT Center, and we will raise our voices with the Atlanta Gay Men’s Chorus at the Georgia State Capitol at the invitation of the office of Representative Karla Drenner, the first ever openly gay member of the Georgia General Assembly. We will appear at Knoxville Pride, side by side with the Knoxville Gay Men’s Chorus, and will give a benefit concert at the Diversity Center of Roanoke, Virginia.

We are going to these locations to give our support, and encourage and thank folks for their social justice work. There will also be opportunities to sing in public parks and plazas. Here is where we might face opposition, perhaps even hearing hateful words. We will carry our GMCW banner proudly, wearing the GMCW logo on our shirts, and we will raise our voices for equality with confidence, knowing that love always wins.

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